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Hi there my name is Jill Wilson, and I know EXACTLY what a woman wants from her man and what she needs to be wooed.

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Many of the books published today are written by men and are written to explain the way men think the woman thinks. These can work as they give an element of self confidence but most of the time that's it, they don't help you to seduce woman they are only helping to teach you to stop standing around and actually talk to us.


I will teach you what a woman really wants... starting from the approach and the initial hookup right up to the time you're dating regularly.

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If you're okay with your current lack of regular sex and female company and are happy to just hang out with the guys, then this book really isn't for you!!

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Why didn't I find this 10 years ago!!!

I'm so annoyed with myself that I never looked into this years ago. Discovering your book is without doubt the best thing I have done. After spending 11 long years alone, your book gave me the confidence to start talking to woman again as I knew what I was doing and gave me the knowledge on how the crazy woman mind works so I didn't ruin everything like I have done in the past. 6 months about 20 dates later I have found my perfect woman and that's all thanks to your book.

You're the best

Will Pennant
Texas, U.S.A
15th May 2009

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